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1 Sep 2010

Today, in 1 September 2010 our beloved school Al Irsyad Satya held Pesantren Kilat and Baksos (charity) Day to celebrate Ramadhan 1431 Hijri. All students in every level collect paket sembako and second clothes to donate the mustahiq (unwealthy people) who live surround our school and the labours of Kota Baru Parahyangan.


In the morning, we have guest, a teenager his name is Hafidz who tahfidz Quran. He had memorized 4 juz (chapter) of Al Quran, out of 30. We listen to his skill. The purpose of this programme is we want to give a good example and encourage our students to enhance their Quranic skill also. After that we have baksos (charity action).

Every student give their sembako package to the poor, one by one from Primary 1 until Primary 6. Meanwhile the Secondary students sell and service their customer s in Palapak Bazaar (Second clothes, bag, shoes etc ) similar with garage sale


After that, each class led by their Form Teachers have their own program. In Primary 2 Ihsan, we play Whos Next? . But before that, they sing the Happy Birthday Song for me. Hiks, makes me so touched. Thank you students and Ms Diah, all of you are heart warmer. Luv u all XOXOXO.!


Return to the game. The rule of Whos Next is all participants must arrange a circle which start based on the date of the birth, the month of the birth, the tallest one etc, on rule at a time. We laugh, we use body language for communication (no sound allowed) and dance featuring RANs songs Selamat Pagi. Its cool!!! Everybody shake their body and enjoy the session so much



Next Game is Ular Tangga (snake and ladder) and Halma (othello). They learn to be a sportive one and full of spirit and strategy. Everyone looked so enthuthiastic and try hard to be a winner. Of course our soundtrack is Queens song. We are the champion, .we are the champion, we are the champion.all the world!!! \^0^/



Oh,its 11.57 am. Adzan is being heard from our new majestic masjid, a calling for us to face Allah The Almighty. All stop the activities and go to take ablution immediately. Prepare sajadah and mukena, then organize sholat shaf neatly, ready to do sholat Dzuhur jamaah. Its really a beautiful moment when we see the young generation implement Islamic values. Wish all of you will be a good khalifah for yourself, your family, our beloved country and Allahs way, Islam. Amin.sdc11177


The last session is..see a movie. The title is Intisari Haditsa compile of good habits and examples in daily activities. This movie so..interesting. You can see from their expressions, cute right??!^_^

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